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General Issues

Does Chatterbox work on iPad?

The Chatterbox Skill Builder is not currently supported on iPads and Phones (and mobile devices). While the Skill Builder may load on iPads and phones, the experience isn't optimized for touch.

Please use a desktop class browser such as Firefox or Chrome for full support. Safari on mac is NOT fully supported.

Audio Issues

No sound from the speaker

Check the speaker wire connection with the green terminal on the ChatterHAT. Make sure the wires didn't come loose.

Crackling sounds from speaker

Check the speaker wire connection with the green terminal on the ChatterHAT. Also try to keep the cables separated to avoid interference.

Audio troubleshooting guide coming soon!

Internet Issues

Wifi network not found

Make sure you entered network name (SSID) and password correctly, capitalization matters!

Depending on the number or networks in your area, it might take up to 30 seconds to scan for your network. You can also move closer to your wifi router for better scanning.

Problem connecting to wifi

Please make sure that network name and password are entered correctly.

Make sure Chatterbox can hear the chirps from your computer. If there is an error, Chatterbox should speak an error message. Errors can also occur if Chatterbox didn't hear the chirp properly.

If after several tries, you can't connect wifi: 1. Turn off the device using the button switch on the power cable 2. Wait 30 seconds 3. Turn ON the device using the button switch 4. Make sure that Chatterbox is next to computer that is playing the chirp sound.

Known Wifi Issues with Chrip:

There are a couple known issues using Chirp to set up Wifi. 1. Extremely long SSID or passwords -- If your Netw has over 20 characters, you may experience problems connecting via Chirp. 2. Non-ascii characters in SSID or password

If your network has any of the issues above, we recommend changing the network or password, or you can simply plug in a network cable to connect Chatterbox to the internet.

How to switch wifi network

Hold the big yellow button down for 20 seconds then release it. You should hear Chatterbox say "Wifi set up mode is now on" confirming that you are in wifi set up mode. To cancel, push button once again and listen for confirmation.

Can't connect to hidden / unprotected / captive portal wifi network

We currently don't support connecting to hidden or unprotected networks. We also don't support connecting to networks behind a captive portal.

How do I create another Chatterbox SD card?

The Chatterbox SD card contains a special version of Raspbian set up to properly work with our hardware.

The MicroSD card that came with your Chatterbox might be out of date based on our latest updates. Chatterbox will automatically update itself when you first set up the device, but if you don't not want to wait for that, you can burn our latest image using the following instructions:

  1. Power OFF your Chatterbox

  2. Remove the MicroSD card from your Chatterbox.

  3. Insert the MicoSD card into the included adapter and connect it to your computer.

  4. Download and install Etcher, then follow the instructions to flash the image onto your MicroSD card.

Flashing the Chatterbox image could take a couple minutes, but once it's done you can insert it into your Chatterbox, power it on and go through our inital setup process.

How do I "burn" a SD card with Etcher?

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Balena Etcher downloaded and installed here:

  2. Open Etcher

  3. Selected the Chatterbox image zipped file (no need to unzip the file)

5. Insert the MicroSD card into the Adapter. Then insert it into your computer. Make sure the SD card reader is selected in "Select target"

6. Click "Flash!"

7. When flash is complete, you can remove the SD card from your computer

Now that you have a newly flashed Chatterbox SD card, follow these instructions to finish setting up your Chatterbox.

Device Troubleshooting

How do I Factory Reset my device?

Factory reset will forget all wifi networks, pairing, skills and custom settings. Caution: This cannot be undone!

To factory reset your device: Hold the big yellow button for 50 seconds and release once the light turns on with Chatterbox confirmation message.

How to update Chatterbox?

Chatterbox will automatically update itself on when you power it on as well as do a silent update every day at 3:50 am (local time).

You can trigger a manual update by pushing the big yellow button and saying "Check for updates."

SSH and Command Line access

We’ve had requests from some of our backers for an “Advanced Tinkering” mode for Chatterbox with SSH support.

We have this on our roadmap and are working how to best support this without impacting Chatterbox experience. Please stay tuned!

We’d also love to know what you would like to do with your Chatterbox. Let us know at

When powered on, if the Green light on the raspberry pi does not blink, it could be caused by multiple reasons, the most likely of which is the SD card. Please contact

Troubleshooting guide coming soon!

Other Questions

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